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Agenda for Annual Business Meeting

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Agenda for the

Annual Business Meeting of the Idaho Chess Association

February 20, 2021

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Online Zoom Meeting and in person

Voting members attending meeting:

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Adam Porth, Idaho Chess Association (ICA) President, called the meeting to order at .

Reading of Mission and Values: The mission of the Idaho Chess Association is to provide organized chess play, coordinate chess activities within the state, support and develop local chess clubs, encourage player development, and to enhance appreciation of chess. The Idaho Chess Association values fair play and good sportsmanship, education through sharing and teaching, chess players with diverse abilities and skills, creating a variety of chess activities and opportunities, decisions using sound logic and forethought, and continued growth and learning through chess.

Approval of Minutes

Motion 2022-1 (Adam Porth): motion to waive minutes of 2021

2nd (____________________________)

Presidents Report: Adam Porth presents

  • 34 Events (769) 11 more events

    • 6 Scholastic Events (players 258)

  • 119 players qualified for State with one more tournament left

I want to honor those that worked hard and admire the diversity of winners: Champions

  • Idaho Representatives:

    • Rockafeller James Wei

    • Barber: Hanford Chong

    • Denker: Darwin Porth

    • Senior: Adam Porth

    • Haring: Emma Gao

  • Hall of Fame: Alise Pemsler

  • State Champion: Larry Parsons

  • Open Champion: none

  • State Blitz Champion: Caleb Kircher

  • EIO none

  • SIO Zachary Fritchen

  • Norman Friedman Memorial Alex Machin & Kaustubh Kodihalli

  • WIO never received pto (Jeff?)

  • NIO Michael Cambareri

Membership Report: Adam Porth

  • Membership is currently 120

  • Premium memberships 44

Current Fee Structure and President’s Budget Report: Adam Porth

ICA Regular Membership for all $17.00/year

  • Titled tournaments require (Blitz Championship, Idaho Closed, Idaho Open)

  • $5 Discount to all tournaments (if pre-registered) and others as posted.

ICA Premium Membership $35/year (18)

  • Discount to titled tournaments (if pre-registered) and others as posted.

  • Northwest Chess Magazine

Treasurer's Report: Adam Porth

Thank donors

  • Michael HendersonJon MacPheeDavid SawyerRaph DubishRichard NathanAdam PorthHimakiran KodihalliKevin PattersonLifang XuTerry GiltonJinfang LouGJ YangSachin SinghalSteve DahlstromTom BoothScott :PimentalDeWayne DerryberryXiang ZhouLibo WangLauren TuckerBrian LangeDarren SuAlex MachinJoyce Friedman

  • Anonymous donors? $2100

Todays Paypal balance 1458.72

US Bank Balance 2974.64

Outstanding: Pay for Idaho Closed Venue ($1020) and 1 scholastic ($750), and outstanding reimbursements ($120) ($300) ($400) Total = $2590

Total Bank Balances less outstanding = $1842

2022 Anonymous Donor will donate matching grant $2500 for donations received by Nov. 31.

Old Business: Adam Porth

  • none

New Business:

Tournament Discussions:

  • Locations of 2022

    • Summer Classic

    • Player’s Memorial

    • Hall of Fame

    • Idaho Closed

    • Idaho Open

    • State Scholastic K-8

    • State Scholastic 9-12

    • Women’s and Girls State Tournament

    • Senior Tournament

    • Scholastic Team Tournament

    • Blitz Championship

    • Scholastic Team Championship

    • Norman Friedman Memorial (Coeur d’Alene)


Motion 2022-2 (Adam Porth): Announce candidates for 2022-2024 Regional Trustees: (Adam Porth - North, _______- West, ____- South Central, ______ - East)

2nd ( ______________________________)

Motion 2022-2 (Adam Porth): Approve of appointment, Desmond Porth as Secretary to end during next election cycle.

2023 Officers (next cycle is 2023):

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer


  • Membership Coordinator - none

  • Scholastic & Education Coordinator - none

Motions from the Floor:


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