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2023 Annual Business Meeting Results

Agenda for the

Annual Business Meeting of the Idaho Chess Association

February 19, 2023

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Voting members attending meeting:

  • Desmond Porth

  • Adam Porth

  • Jeff Roland

  • Jay Simonson

  • Michael Presutti

  • Corey Longhurst

Non-voting members present

  • Dan Looney

  • Tilly Backstrom

  • Kyra Dorman

  • Kyra Schoenwald

  • Zackary Semancik

  • Eric Hon

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Adam Porth, Idaho Chess Association (ICA) President, called the meeting to order at __3 pm_ .

Reading of Mission and Values: The mission of the Idaho Chess Association is to provide organized chess play, coordinate chess activities within the state, support and develop local chess clubs, encourage player development, and to enhance appreciation of chess. The Idaho Chess Association values fair play and good sportsmanship, education through sharing and teaching, chess players with diverse abilities and skills, creating a variety of chess activities and opportunities, decisions using sound logic and forethought, and continued growth and learning through chess.

Approval of Minutes 2022 Minutes

Motion 2023-1 (___Jay Simonson___): motion to waive minutes of 2022

2nd (__Michael Presutti______)

motion passes unanimously.

Motion 2023-1a (Jay Simonson) Motion to approve minutes of 2022.

2nd Michael Persutti

motion passes unanimously.

Presidents Report: Adam Porth presents

  • 43 Events (898) 9 more events

    • 12 Scholastic Events (517)

I want to honor those that worked hard and admire the diversity of winners: Champions

  • Idaho Representatives:

    • Rockafeller Vladilav Nosarev

    • Barber: Kaustubh Kodihalli

    • Denker: Niall McKenzie

    • Senior: Michael Presutti

    • Haring: Olivia Ding

  • Hall of Fame: none

  • State Champion: Kaustubh Kodihalli

  • Open Champion: James Wei

  • State Blitz Champion: Caleb Kircher

  • EIO Jeremy Thomas

  • SIO Cody Gorman

  • Norman Friedman Memorial NM Jasen Cigan, Ryan Ackerman, Brian Lee

  • WIO none

  • NIO Caleb Kircher

Membership Report: Adam Porth

  • Membership is currently 96 (1/15/2023)

  • Premium memberships 67 (1/15/2023)

Current Fee Structure and President’s Budget Report: Adam Porth

ICA Regular Membership for all $17.00/year

Discussion to make it $20 per year for new members and $15 /year to renew (effective March 31,2023)

  • Titled tournaments require (Blitz Championship, Idaho Closed, Idaho Open)

  • $5 Discount to all tournaments (if pre-registered) and others as posted.

ICA Premium Membership $35/year

  • Discount to titled tournaments (if pre-registered) and others as posted.

  • Northwest Chess Magazine

Tournament fees:

  • $20 for members

  • $25 for non-ica members

  • $20 Scholastic

  • $25 Scholastic State

  • $35 Idaho Closed (ICA membership)

  • $35 Idaho Open (ICA membership or OSA)

Treasurer's Report: Adam Porth

Thank 18 donors

1/15/2023 Balance

US Bank Balance on 1/15/2023 $2337

Outstanding: $1000 Northwest Chess

Petty Cash 1/15/2023 $247 + what Jeff has

2022 Deposits US Bank $15043.80

2022 Withdrawals US Bank $16555.84

Old Business: Adam Porth

  • none

New Business:

Motion 2023-2 (__Jay Simonson__): The Idaho Chess Association recognizes the importance of our seniors and their contributions to society and chess. Therefore, the Idaho Chess Association amends the constitution to provide free regular membership in the ICA and also free membership to all chess tournaments. ICA defines seniors as 80 and older.

2nd (___Desmond Porth__)

Motion 2023-2a Jeff Roland moves to amend motion from 80 to 65 years.

Jay Simonson 2nd.

motion passes unanimously.

main motion passes unanimously.

Tournament Discussions:

Rotate Idaho Closed?

Discussion to rotate. Consensus to try Idaho Closed in Twin Falls next year.

Rotate Idaho Open? no


Motion 2023-3 (__Jay Simonson___): Announce candidates for 2023-2025 Officers (President: Adam Porth, Vice President: Jeff Roland, Secretary: Desmond Porth, Treasurer: None)

2nd ( __Desmond Porth___)

motion passes unanimously

Motion 2023-3a (Jay Simonson ) Motion to accept slate as slates without secret ballots.

2nd (Michael Persutti)

Motion passes unanimously.

Motion 2023b (Zachary Semancik) Make Eric Hon Treasurer of the ICA.

2nd (Jay Simonson)

Motion passes unanimously.


  • Membership Coordinator - Kyra Schoenwald stepped up to work with the ICA!

  • Scholastic & Education Coordinator - Tilly Backstrom and Zachary Semancik stepped up to Co-coordinate!

  • Women’s Coordinator - Kyra Dorman enthusiastically volunteered!

Thank you for helping make the ICA a premier organization.

Motions from the Floor:


Motion 2023-4 (__Jay Simonson__) Move to adjourn. @ 4:03 pm

2nd (__Zachary Semancik_)

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