2019 State Scholastic Qualified

State Scholastic Championship Tournaments


The State Scholastic Championship is divided into three tournaments:  

1.  K-8th grade State Scholastic Championship, (Barber Qualifier)


2.  9-12th grade State Scholastic Championship (Denker Qualifier) 


3.  Tournament of Champions Invitational Boise

Additionally, there is also:

1.  Girls State Scholastic Championship (Susan Polgar Invitational & National Girls),


2.  Team State Scholastic Championship  Jerome

How to qualify for the

2019 State Scholastic Championship

  • East Regional Scholastic

  • South Central Scholastic

  • North Regional Scholastic

  • West Regional Scholastic

 There are a number of ways to qualify (see below):


All 12th graders are allowed to play!!!

To qualify:

  • receive a 1st-3rd placement in your grade at the ICA scholastic regional tournaments (you may play in any region!), or

  • earn 3.0 pts. or better in an ICA scholastic regional tournament​​

  • Once qualified play, continue to play in Non-scholastic events.

Alternate means:

  • participate in the Idaho Closed, or

  • participate in two alternative, ICA sponsored, US Chess Federation rated tournaments,

    •  EIO​

    • WIO

    • SIO

    • NIO

    • Norman Friedman Memorial

    • Hall of Fame Tournament

    • Summer Classic

    • Blitz Championship

    • Idaho Open, or

  • approval by ICA.


We hope to see you there.


Good luck, play hard, learn lots, and have fun!

Idaho Chess Association

Idaho Chess Association

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