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Board of Directors & Staff


Adam Porth

President, North Regional Trustee, ICA Webmaster, & ICA Tournament Director

I am a Science Teacher and encourage our entire school to engage in the game of chess. I also teach and coach chess as well as play in tournaments.  I feel that I have brought a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the ICA and I hope to continue to bring chess to Idahoans for many years to come.


Jeff Roland

Vice President, ICA Historian, & ICA Tournament Director

Jeff has held every office the ICA possesses and has been bringing chess to Idahoans since the early 1980s when he first became involved.  His passion and enthusiasm for chess enthralls members as we frequently listen to stories of players, tournaments, and other chess happenings.  He is full of history and strives to preserve all chess games of players in his efforts to digitally preserve Idaho chess history.


NM Eric Hon

Treasurer & ICA Tournament Director

Eric is a welcome edition to the ICA.


Kyra Schoenwald

Secretary, Membership Coordinator & ICA Tournament Director

Kyra has supported the ICA since coming to chess in 2022 and has been very active online at  She also runs the Pawn Stars Chess Club in Meridian.

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West Region Trustee

contact us to be the Trustee


Jay Simonson

East Regional Trustee, & ICA Tournament Director

Jay is a longtime staple of the ICA and brings stability and professionalism to our organization.  One of the nicest chess players you will ever meet, he continues to support the ICA and tries to bring the great game to Idaho Falls and Pocatello areas.  He is an avid correspondence chess player and senior gamester.  His "thinking cap" will be utilized by the ICA far into the future.

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South Central Trustee

Please contact us if you are interested in coordinating the South Central chess programs.



Social Media Coordinator 

updating soon


James Wei

Online Coordinator

We are pleased to have more youth getting involved in our aging organization.  James is an outstanding chess player and very patient when helping his fellow chess players.  James will carry the torch of chess forever.


Kyra Dorman

Women's Coordinator

Kyra enthusiastically came to us during our business meeting and organized the Women's and Girl's State Tournament in 2023.


Zack Semancik

Co-scholastic Coordinator & Tournament Director

Zack used to play in our scholastics and is now going to run them.

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Tilly Backstrom

Co-scholastic Coordinator & Tournament Director

Tilly is a BSU student and jumped on board with Zack.

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Other Available Positions

Donors and Sponsorship Soliciter and Educational Coordinator

If you would like to get involved in Idaho's longest standing chess organization and State Affiliate to US Chess, please contact us at:

Official ICA TD List:

  • Adam Porth (Local)

  • Barry Eacker (Local)

  • Jeff Roland (Local)

  • Jay Simonson (Local)

  • Desmond Porth (Club)

  • NM Eric Hon (Club)

  • Peter Clark (Local)

  • Kyra Schoenwald (Club)

  • Kyra Dorman (Club)

  • Zack Semancik (Club)

  • Tilly Backstrom (Club)

Photo Credits: Adam Porth

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