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About Us

     The Idaho Chess Association (ICA) established in 1947 is a not for profit member supported corporation which promotes the game of chess throughout the state of Idaho. We are the official State Affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (USCF).  Idaho Chess Association is an IRS 501(c)(3) section non-profit charity organization sincee 2018.  All donations are tax-exempt and are used  to fulfill ICA Mission and Visions.

     We organize official chess tournaments and bestow various official titles such as Idaho State Chess Champion or Idaho Scholastic Chess Champion based on the results of those tournaments.

     We support and promote chess all around the State at the statewide and local levels. We have a rich history and sense of tradition and leadership that takes the noble game of chess to the highest standards and levels of competition throughout Idaho.  Our regions are represented by a Trustee and include: North, West, South Central, and East regions.

      Please feel free to participate in our many events and to enjoy the game of chess on the competitive level either through events we organize, or those organized by other organizations throughout Idaho.

     We welcome comments and suggestions. To contact us, please visit our Contact Us page. Please enjoy and return to our site often as new events are being organized while results/games are reported as time marches on.




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