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Trustees Announced

At the last business meeting, it was decided that the Constitution be amended to reflect the reality of how ICA runs it's business. This featured the addition of four Regional Trustees that will occupy ICA Board positions bringing the total number to eight. The ICA Board includes a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer; the voting of which will occur this next year. As this is the first year of Regional Trustees, too, the positions were filled and board approved this past week. Voting for Regional Trustees will occur in 2020.

The Regional Trustees will be responsible for their appropriate region including regular and scholastic chess. The Trustees may appoint and organize as necessary within their region to run ICA Board approved tournaments. This means securing cost effective venues, adding tournaments if necessary, appointing Tournament Directors and overseeing the ICA business for the regular, scholastic, and educational scenes.

There are four regions in Idaho: North, South Central, East, and West. Important tournaments are spread throughout the state in various regions to balance out the kinds of tournaments. For example, each region will host an Open, a Regional Scholastic, a Coaches & Parents meeting, a Novice event, a summer event, and a State event. Plus, regions are encouraged to coordinate the various clubs and school events.

Regional Trustees:

East Jay Simonson

West Jeff Roland

South Central Barry Eacker

North Adam Porth (when he moves there!)

ICA Board Members:

President Adam Porth

Vice President Alex Machin

Secretary Alise Pemsler

Treasurer Jay Simonson

In voting on issues, the folks that are double-dipping will choose a representative to cast a vote from their region, for the time being. For example, in the East, Richard Nathan will do this, in the South Central, Peter Clark will do this, and for the North, Desmond Porth will do this.

This is a seamless transition and Trustees are already busy getting things organized for their regions. Please support and encourage your regional volunteers so that the best chess can be provided to all of Idaho.

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