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ICA adopts new payment platform

Ever get confused when registering for a tournament or joining the ICA using our current system? Are you worried about paying online? Well Eventbrite will solve these problems and more on the front end and back end. The program was discovered as a WIX app and preliminary tests proved that the application collects the data needed for efficient tournament and membership setups. It also provides a confirmation.

Eventbrite will work with Paypal and all major credit cards. For right now, Family registration requires selecting different tickets (i.e., Family #1, Family #2, etc.), however, we are exploring the possibility of Family registration as a group, too.

We hope that you are pleased with our new platform and are welcome to give us feedback. Please plan on pre-registering online and also registering online at the door.

Try it out on our next tournament: ICA Blitz Championship

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