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Results of The North

Thank you everyone for making Idaho scholastic chess great! The ICA North Regional Scholastic Qualifier took place on Saturday, January 30. We had a goal of breaking 40 players for The North and we did it! In total, 41 players competed. The demographics were pretty diverse. Seven girls competed. Every section had an assortment of beginners, established players and players rated over 1600. There was even a player rated over 2000! We missed the Rexburg players this time around as Mr. Allison was running his annual tournament at Madison Middle, but otherwise all the Idaho Scholastic regions were represented. We would like 50 competitors for the South Central on February 13. Please help spread the word!

At this point, we have 54 players that have qualified to play in State. In spite of the current situation, 2021’s State is going to draw many skilled players from all across Idaho. Please remember that State is rated so current US Chess membership is required. And all competitors must be visible on Zoom during their games.

And now, the results…

Congratulations Hanford Chong for winning a clean first in the K-5 Section. Vladis Nosarev took second and Allistair Smith took third on tie breaks. Kaustubh Kodihalli took a clean first on the 6-8 section. Darren Su and Finn Belew took second and third on tie breaks. Lincoln Whitney and Bryce Leifeste took first and second on tie breaks for the 9-12 section. Niall McKenzie took third. Congratulations to all the winners! The competition is really heating up!

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