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CDA Chess Club: A Year of Incredible Growth and Outstanding Achievements

COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO – September 12, 2023 – Celebrating one year of successful operation, the CDA Chess Club is thrilled to announce its significant milestones and ongoing commitment to fostering a fun, safe, and engaging environment for chess enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

Since its reactivation on September 12, 2022, the club has welcomed 90 players who have actively participated in its activities, 48 alone in the last 90 days. A total of 602 matches have been played, with 52% (313 matches) claimed by players with the white pieces, 44% (264 matches) won by players with the black pieces, and 4% (25 matches) ending in draws.

Our chess club is more than just a group of players. Our community promotes healthy competition in a safe and friendly environment. Our internal rating system ensures that everyone, regardless of experience, can enjoy playing with someone of a similar level. Grant Richardson, our current top player, has worked hard to get there but knows every game is a challenge. It's that kind of mentality that makes our chess club special. We encourage everyone to come and join us for a game and see why our club is the perfect place to play chess.

The Club is honored to acknowledge the contributions of its most active players during this period, with Mike O leading the ranks with 76 games, followed closely by Leo (68), Milo (59), Eric (57), Logan (57), Serena (51), Sophia (49), John (46), and Ewan (45).

Further enhancing its credibility, the club has secured affiliation with US Chess and encouraged members to participate in local and national tournaments. Organizer Steve Dahlstrom said, "The unwavering commitment and support from our members and their parents have been monumental to our success."

We are excited to announce that the CDA Chess Club will partner with the Idaho Chess Association's North Idaho Scholastic Chess League beginning in October! This collaboration will occur on the 3rd Friday of every month, providing a wonderful opportunity for the scholastic community to come together and share their love of chess. We want to encourage all young players to come out and join us for these events. With such a passionate and supportive group already in place, this will surely be an incredible experience for all involved. So, mark your calendars and prepare to challenge your mind in new and exciting ways!

As it celebrates this significant milestone, the CDA Chess Club continues to look ahead with optimism, dedicated to nurturing an enjoyable environment for chess players and promoting the club's growth in the years ahead.

For further details, please visit the club's website at

About the CDA Chess Club

The CDA Chess Club, reorganized in September 2022, is a vibrant community of chess players in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The club is dedicated to promoting the game of chess through fun, engaging, and friendly matches.

Press Contact:

Steve Dahlstrom

Organizer, CDA Chess Club


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