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November NISCL Results

The North Idaho Chess League continues with a 2 more schools added to the growing list - STEM Charter School and Moscow Middle School. Today's tournament had 14 player competing in a combined section due to low numbers probably due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

This league is scheduled to meet once per month (3rd Thursday nights) in the Coeur d'Alene area and is open to any scholastic player or school in the Eastern Washington or North Idaho region. The next event will be held on Dec. 15th in the Coeur d'Alene Public Library.

There are 2 divisions in High School, Middle School, and Elementary sections with team scores coming from the A and B divisions in each section. As of today, Home School High School, Home School Middle School, and Sorensen Magnet School are the leaders. Congratulations! Each team can select one player for the A or B divisions, where players in the C Division can earn their place in the B division by winning the C. In this way, players will play kids of similar skill and have opportunities for advancement. Strong teams will accumulate players in the A and B divisions. Today, the Middle School section proved the strongest with the top positions occupied by Linus Wannamaker and Ryder Pimentel.

For this meeting, all players were lumped into an open section due to only 14 players. Players should encourage more players from their school to come as we can add players throughout the season. The plan is to play for 6 months with a championship event ending the season.

Wall Chart

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