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Norman Friedman Memorial and National Chess Day Tournament Results

Memorable tournaments are a staple with the Idaho Chess Association and this was what we produced for the 2022 Norman Friedman Memorial Tournament. Organizers decided to begin rotating the NFM to different regions so that all of Idaho can benefit from high caliber chess. This year, it was held in Coeur d'Alene with 30 people playing chess, 28 competitively in the USCF rated section.

The CDA Library is an excellent venue, however library hours are stringent and not very accommodating so the tournament was actually held in 2 different venues, the library and Holiday Inn Express. I am always pleased to have flexible chess players that don't complain at a whim! Rating the tournament was held up as I waited for a birthday to update for one of the players - USCF database had one player born in 1900! Again, chess players patience prevail as we finally got this rated by Thursday.

NM Jason Cigan traveled to play and enjoyed the tournament format which I believe was a first for everyone. The tournament progressed from blitz rounds to long classic rounds. Round 1 was a double round G/5, Round 2 G/10, Round 3 G/30, Round 4 G/45, Round 5 G/60, and Round 6 was G/90. Gregory Callen said, "this is the first time I've played at two different venues and the first time I have played in a tournament with different time controls."

The Norman Friedman Memorial is in it's 6th year and is sponsored by family and friends of Norman. Norman was an avid chess player and represented the United States in a Russian Tournament for Senior Masters. He was also Vice President of the Manhattan Chess Club, Co-founder of The Right Move, and has supported chess for at-risk youth, prison chess, and many chess clubs, including the Wood River High School Chess Club where this tournament has it's roots. Mr. Friedman was a veteran paratrooper, marathon runner, and an amazing entrepreneur and person. This memorial tournament has provided a boost to many chess players and lot's of prize money over the years and has kept the memory of the thousands of players he has impacted alive.

Winners include:

1st place - 3rd place Ryan Ackerman, Brian Lee, NM Jason Cigan ($200 each)

1st place B Anand Widaker and Dakota Wickel ($50 each)

1st place C Nick Hunt and Owen McDevitt ($50 each)

1st place D Chancie Wagner ($100)

1st place E David Johnson and Scotty Hohman ($50 each)

1st place Unr Buster Wagner and Ethan Rowe ($50 each)

Scholastic 1st place trophy Anderson Dank

Scholastic 2nd place trophy Micah Miller

Scholastic 3rd place trophy Evan Schroedle

DeWayne Derryberry prize Kenneth Erickson

Feel free to grab photos in Google: Photo Link

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