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  • George Lundy

The Chandra Alexis Chess Club

We are dedicated to building chess in Idaho through national and international

competition. Private and group lessons are available with an hourly rate based upon your current USCF rating. Lessons may be limited by instructor availability. Beginners are also welcome. The first two one-hour lessons are free. If you want a friendly game of chess, we suggest your local chess club, found on the ICA website.

We don’t have Grandmasters therefore we accept no Grandmaster draws. We do honor the code that says: ‘When two tournament players face off ... it is a battle to the death.’

We offer two USCF-rated tournaments each month. The first takes place each Thursday at the Eagle Library between 5:30pm and 8pm (closing). We play one game each week with a time control of g/60 + 10i. Unfinished games are adjourned.

The second is our Third Weekend FIDE Invitational tournament. This event takes place at the BSU Student Union – usually on the Third Weekend of each month.

Expections are the Idaho Closed and Western Idaho Open when it takes place in Boise. All tournaments are rated with the United States Chess Federation. Every tournament featuring four or more FIDE-rated players will also be rated with the

World Chess Federation.

To see a list of our up coming events, click on the Tournaments tab at the top of our home page. While all active USCF members are welcome to compete on the USCF side of the events, FIDE sections are limited to the availablity of FIDE-rated players. When you are at our website, check out the link to upcoming ICA events

too. Take your pick and enjoy a great tournament!

Third Weekend Tournaments will be played over two days in five-round, g/90 + 30i. Three rounds are played on Saturday, two on Sunday. Three day holiday weekends feature two rounds per day in a six round format at a game in 120 minutes

plus a 30 second increment.

Our FIDE tournaments are designed to allow a USCF player to earn a FIDE rating. Ratings are earned by playing four FIDE-rated opponents and drawing one game.

All tournaments in 2018 are free to all players. USCF Section Prizes: $25 First, $15 Second. There is no minimum FIDE rating to compete in the FIDE sections. We’ll pair any FIDE rated player 0001-2894 ... except for computers, naturally.

FIDE Prizes: $50 First, $30 Second and $20 Third. All FIDE-Titled players play for free – we will never deduct an entry fee from your prize. Never!

In 2018 we will actively develop USCF players into FIDE players with the goal of rating 30-50 new FIDE players by the end of December. In 2019 we expect to run FIDE Open Swiss tournaments with a prize fund. All entry fees, with the exception of advertising and rating fees (never exceeding $100), will be returned to the players in prize money. There are no ‘additional’ deductions for miscellaneous expenses. Our Directors and Arbitors proudly work for free, the love of chess and to move up the food chain.

We work with and train USCF Tournament Directors and FIDE Arbitors so that they can reach their full potential. Notify me of your certification before the event starts and we will provide advanced

training and include you in our rating reports! Are you tired of playing in the green glass section? Excellent! We have some scholastic players that will eat your lunch!

If you have a death wish, bring a board, clock, chess set and your rating points. We are happy to provide opponents, score sheets and a thoughtful letter to

your next of kin. You can visit us at

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