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Results of Back 2 School Quads

The Back 2 School Quads literally blew into Coeur d'Alene as chess players braved a tournament "like nothing [they] experienced before," as Michael Cambareri quipped. Quads are a popular form of chess tournament where competitors are divided into groups of four based on their ratings and players engage in a round robin tournament. These quads were G/45;d5. Twelve players arrived with beautiful weather and the sun shining on the chess boards waiting for gambits, sacrifices, and checkmates.

By round 1, clouds rolled in - threatening rain - wind gathering speed, such that the vinyl boards acted like kites and occasionally wiping out 15 - 20 minutes of concentrated play. Additionally, smoke from a fire on the other side of Spokane permeated the air creating a diffused haze. Players were cool about the wind for the first round as they paused clocks, reset, and continued. Soon all the boards were weighted down along the edges and the players immediately began round 2 and then round 3 - some donning their triple weighted sets. Adding to the exciting tournament was a nearby wedding and a few family reunions. Applause from the wedding coincided with Michael Cambareri winning his round 2 game!

Chess organizer, Adam Porth, designed this tournament to be a visible sign that the chess community is vibrant and available to the public and the players appreciated occasional public eyes. Three picnic benches were located prominently in the Coeur d'Alene Park in view of basketball courts, beach, playground and pavilion. The casual atmosphere also encouraged player camaraderie and a sense of shared purpose.

Quad A winner won $60

Quad B winners $30 each

Quad C winners $30 each

Adam Porth v. Craig Moore (1-0)

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