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ICA announces Phone App

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We are hoping to make registration easier and more available using a new app called My Chess Tournament.

If you like to use your phone for most everything, the Idaho Chess Association is here to support you! You are now able to register using your phone in a much easier way using Chess Manager.

1. In iTunes store or Google Play, search for My Chess Tournament and download app.

2. Sign up.

When you want to register for an ICA event,

3. Use the Menu to select Tournament Registrations.

4. Either type the name of the tournament in or search for ICA to see the tournament offerings.

5. Type in your USCF Number and register! Done!

Soon we will be able to keep you posted via phone texts of pairings, rounds, and other important information pertaining to a tournament you have signed up for.

Sign Up here.

Search ICA or specific tournament by name here.

See your upcoming tournaments and how many players are registered here. Select Details to see tournament information.

We hope this helps your chess experience. Thanks.

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