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2022 Turkey Shoot Results

Linus Wannamaker bagged a turkey this past weekend! Literally. The Turkey Shoot was an annual event that I have run in the past and why not bring it back? There is a renewed interest in chess events and each tournament has new tournament players. This tournament had 2 more noobies among the 12 players of familiar faces.

Each player was provided a small pie of their choice and the games began with a gobble! Ken Erickson stayed on board one for 4 rounds and was the expected winner, however, Linus won in round 4 as both players used almost all their time (G/30). Even the best of us struggle with time trouble as the round 5 game demonstrated with Ken, down 3 pawns in a game against Braedon Marver. Ken was in time trouble again against Braedon with nearly 3 minutes left on his clock and Ken having less than 30 seconds. Ken was able to successfully collect all Braedon's pawns with his king and queen his remaining pawn with only 2 seconds left! Braedon resigned while the chess hall watched in awe of Ken's speed and focus.

1st place Linus Wannamaker (Turkey)

2nd place Kenneth Erickson (Pumpkin Pie)

3rd place Desmond Porth (yam)

Next tournament will be the Western Idaho Open in Mountain Home on Dec. 10.

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