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2020 Scholastic Regional Tournament Announcements

The Idaho Chess Association runs a series of regional tournaments so that scholastic players can learn how to play using USChess tournament rules. These tournaments allow players to qualify for the State Championships held in March and are educational and fun!

This years tournaments will be: (links to registration are provided)

Players that score 3.0 pts. or higher receive an invitation to the state tournaments held in Boise on March 14. Any student earning 1st - 3rd place in their grade are also invited to the state tournament. And lastly, all senior high school students are allowed to participate in the state tournament.

Alternate qualifiers for players that cannot attend the regional qualifiers are able to play in the state tournament if they appeal to the ICA Board of Directors, attend the Idaho Closed, or attend two tournaments offered by the ICA throughout the course of the year. Qualifying lists will be released soon.

For further questions, please contact the ICA at\

All Regional Scholastic Tournaments run a similar format:

Check-in: 11 am

Round Times: 12 pm and run continuously until 8 pm

Format: Five rounds Swiss-style pairing (5SS)

Sections: K-3rd grade(G/30;d0), 4-6th (G/30;d0), 7-8th (G/30;d0), 9-12th (G/45;d0), previously qualified (sections may change based on registrations). 9-12th grade sections play game in 45 minutes (G/45;d0), other sections play game in 30 minutes (G/30;d0).

Tie-break order: Solkoff, Median, Cumulative of Opposition, Modified Median

No Insufficient Losing Chances rule

Byes: Maximum one half-point bye in rounds 1-4, commit by round 2; zero-point bye round 5

Chess sets and clocks provided


  • 1st-3rd place trophies each grade K-12th

  • Invitation (qualification) to the Idaho Scholastic State Chess Tournament for 1st-3rd place each grade!

  • Invitation (qualification) to the Idaho Scholastic State Chess Tournament for 3.0 points or higher!


  • Early-bird registration is $15 per player via Eventbrite

  • Family registration starts at $25 per family, but is only available in advance on Eventbrite

  • On-site (day of) registration is $25+fees per player

  • Scholarships are available

**By entering the tournament, permission is given to the organizers to use photos for publicity and news on the world wide web, newspapers, and literature.

The Idaho Chess Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization.

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