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2018 ERST Breakdown

photo from 2017

photo: Scholastic Team Championships, 2017

Congratulations to all State Qualified scholastic players!

K-5 Section


Andrew Bowyer


Colton Latulippe

Oren Bowyer

Everett Hauge


Jackson Darrow

Trey Gronenthal

Peter Yeager


Emma Latulippe

Tyler O'Crowley

Rachel Su

4th (tie for 3rd)

Daniel Yang

Kace Dille

Wyatt Koch

Covey Nelson


Audrey Latulippe

Darren Su (already qualified)

David O'Crowley

George Daghir (already qualified)

Brian Miller

Highlights from K-5:

  • 5 players tied for 1st place overall with 4.0 out of 5. These also happened to be the 5 highest rated players in the section and included all three of the Latulippe siblings from Fairfield. The Latulippe's also invited other families from Fairfield and Carey who came and played in their first tournament.

  • Every grade had at least 3 individuals compete, except for kindergarten. (There was only one in the K prize group- and he was actually pre-k and finished with 0 out of 5. That didn't mean he didn't know how to play as I watched him explain to opponents where they should or help them find better moves!)

  • There were only 3 students in the section who did not qualify for state (two of the three happened to be my children!).

  • The 1st grade group had its top three finishers with 2.5 or better. They scored better than 2nd and third grade.


6 (3-way tie for 2nd place)

Caleb Steel

Kade O'Crowley

Rosemary Bowyer

Terren Hanney

7 (removing Qiu (as already qualified) meant that a tie for 4th place in the grade qualified for state)

Steven Qiu (already qualified)

Joseph Thompson

Daniel Bowyer

Bo Campbell

Brenn Koch


Lincoln Whitney (already qualified)

Bryce Leifeste (already qualified)

Christian Del Toro

Daniel Yeager


Ethan Seitz

River Quann


Cole Gokei

Elijah Thibodeau

Minh Tran


Michael Kissinger

Jonathan Martinez


Porter Nilson

Highlights from 6-12 section

  • All players qualified except for 1 (who ended with a 0 out of 5)

  • Elijah Thibodeau (985) looked like he was going to be the spoiler of the tournament off knocking off top seed Bryce Leifeste in round 3 and then getting into a winning position with a passed pawn against Lincoln Whitney in round 4, but Whiney escaped and went on to win round 4.

  • Lincoln Whitney has now finished with a perfect score at the last 5 local scholastic tournaments that I've TD'd.

  • The Jerome players came into the tournament with a lot of swagger and ended backing up their attitude by playing well and amassing a load of wins. They'll be a force to reckon with when they host the state tournament in March.

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