Boise State University Championship

Alongside the 2018 Western Regional Scholastic Chess Tournament, there was a BSU section held in the Student Union Building on the BSU campus. Since, I had setup the scholastic tournament on campus, it was suggested to have a BSU section as well. While the scholastic event were for the K-12 players, the BSU section consisted of Boise State students and faculty. There were 6 players including 2 professors, Aykut Satici and Gaby Dagher, and 4 students (Jameson Tang, Christopher Herrera, Anthony Harris, Seth Machakos). The tournament was a 4 round swiss with a time control of G/60 d/5 starting from 10 AM and ending around 7 PM. It was a long day and Prof. Aykut Satici was too strong for the field and finished 4/4 in 1st place. I got 2nd place on tiebreak against Prof. Gaby Dagher on 2.5/4 after a long draw.


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