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Nominations for Idaho Chess Hall of Fame are being accepted

Nominations are being accepted for the

1. Qualifications for election to the Idaho Chess Hall of Fame are that the person or organization has made a substantial contribution to the furtherance of chess in Idaho and that the nominee is not a current member of the Board of Directors.

2. Nominations for the Idaho Chess Hall of Fame may be submitted at anytime to the Secretary of the Idaho Chess Association for a given year as long as the nomination is received before January 10 of that year (In 2017, nominees must be submitted by July 31).

  • Any member of the ICA is allowed to submit nominees.

  • Nominations must be accompanied by a biography or a list of accomplishments that would qualify the person for the Hall of Fame.

  • The Board of Directors will vote on prospective nominees at the Annual Business Meeting (except in 2017 the deadline is June 15).

  • Only one person or organization will be elected each year (beginning in 2018). In 2017, an unlimited number of members will be elected.

  • In any one year, the Board of Directors may decide not to elect a new member.

3. Nominees and members will be announced in ICA publications.

  • The new member will be published in Northwest Chess and announced at the Idaho Hall of Fame Tournament.

  • Nominees for a particular year and Members of the Idaho Chess Hall of Fame will be listed on the ICA website (preferably with a photo and a list of accomplishments).

  • The tournament will be held in August of each year pending venue availability.

4. A plaque award will be presented to the member or a relation to the member in honor of their contributions.

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