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Expanding Idaho Chess

This past week, Alise Pemsler, Adam Porth, and Dylan Porth met with Representative Julie VanOrden to discuss scholastic chess and create a strategy to gain better access to school districts and students. Representative VanOrden is Vice Chair on the Education Committee and was very pleased to learn about opportunities that the Idaho Chess Association is providing youths in Idaho. Though no decisions were made, the meeting was a successful information-sharing session.

After the meeting was over, we toured the Capitol building and were gifted stories and a personalized tour of the Senate and House Chambers, offices, and lounges by Capitol Docents. I was surprised to learn that Mt. Borah was named after Senior Senator William Borah. Other interesting anecdotes about Idaho history and the Capitol building kept us engaged while we inspected the lavish hallways and chambers.

Our meeting was not without cost, however! My meter was set to expire at 4:30 pm and as we were parked right next to Flying M Coffee House, we felt that we could run in for a cappacino without incident. At 4:31 the officer wrote a $15.00 ticket and I stepped out of the coffee house 3 minutes later. What an expensive coffee!

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