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Time for ICA Annual Business Meeting

The Idaho Chess Association is pleased to announce the Annual Business Meeting will take place on Feb. 20, at 3:00 pm at the Idaho Closed State Chess Championship during President's Weekend. Masks will be available, but not required.

Our Constitution indicates that candidates for Regional Trustees (West, East, South Central, and North) will be voted on every even numbered year - this year. Interested parties should complete a letter of intent and I will post the names and make them available for our membership to consider.

Additionally, any Constitutional amendments should be submitted so that we can post them for membership consideration.

Candidates for Regional Trustees include (our current Trustees):

  • East - Jay Simonson

  • West - Jeff Roland

  • North - Adam Porth

  • South Central - Barry Eacker

Trustees are considered members of the Idaho Chess Association Board of Directors and must ensure that a regional open chess tournament and a regional scholastic tournament is completed during the year. Additionally, Trustees may organize other events that advance chess in the state of Idaho. Board members engage in running the Idaho Open, Scholastic State tournaments and the Idaho Closed Championships, and also commit to participating in important ICA business decisions at monthly meetings.

As our organization continues to grow, we would like a membership, scholastic, educational, and solicitor coordinator that will limit their focus on those particular items. These would not be Board of Director positions. If you want to become more involved in chess activities and help the ICA meet its mission and realize its vision, please consider helping out.

Our Vision
The Idaho Chess Association's vision is to enrich the lives of all people and Idaho communities through the game of chess.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Idaho Chess Association is to provide organized chess play, coordinate chess activities within the state, support and develop local chess clubs, encourage player development, and to enhance appreciation of chess.

Our Values:

The Idaho Chess Association values fair play and good sportsmanship, education through sharing and teaching, chess players with diverse abilities and skills, creating a variety of chess activities and opportunities, decisions using sound logic and forethought, and continued growth and learning through chess.

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