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South Central Scholastic Results

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Congratulations to Lincoln Whitney for winning the 2020 ICA South Central Regional Scholastic Chess Tournament! Bryce Leifeste came in second and Darren Su third. In addition, nearly 20 other players qualified for State.

The battle for first place was grueling. Lincoln, Bryce and Darren were all tied throughout the five round tournament. At the end, instead of using mathematical tie breaks to determine the outcome, the SCRSCT used a different, more exciting, tie break method – playoffs! Third place was settled by a double-blitz between Lincoln and Darren. Lincoln prevailed and went on to the final playoff. Lincoln and Bryce then faced off in a double-blitz. The result was not decisive so a final armageddon match was played. Lincoln got the white pieces and five minutes. Bryce played black with four minutes and draw-odds. Lincoln won the match and the tournament when Bryce completed his last move in an illegal position.

The winners, from left to right: Bryce, 2nd Place; Lincoln, 1st Place; Darren, 3rd Place

Armageddon match: Lincoln on the left; Bryce on the right; Peter Clark TD

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