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Results of Idaho Closed Weekend Tournaments

President's Day Weekend is known as the Idaho Closed Weekend in Idaho, though I doubt any Presidents actually play chess regularly. The idea was simple; since the Idaho Closed is postponed due to Covid-19, why not have a weekend full of online tournaments with a plethora of time controls and start times to choose from? I feel that this was successful as it offered 46 chess players an opportunity to continue honing their skills. Also, tournaments were won by a variety of players though the dominant force was James Wei whom won 3 tournaments he entered. The next few tournaments will be for scholastics and the next online open is slated for the end of March.

Saturday, February 13 (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place)

4SS G/30+5 (James Wei, Kaustubh Kodihalli, Forrest Zeng)

4SS G/15+5 (Alex Machin, Janos Fucsko, Joseph Baker)

7SS G/5+3 (Jeremy Fugal, Noble Ang, Finn Belew)

Sunday, February 14 (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place)

4SS G/15+5 (Jack Nelson, Zackary Semancik, Janos Fucsko)

7SS G/5+3 (James Wei, Caleb Kircher, Finn Belew)

Monday, February 15,

4SS G/30+5 (James Wei, Noble Ang, Adam Porth)

4SS G/15+3 (Janos Fucsko, Jeremy Fugal, Adam Porth)

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