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Monthly Meeting Synopsis

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We have had two thankful and positive emails regarding online tournaments that we have been hosting online at Two folks via email and phone calls were extended to us about our website and our magazine and they were said to be the top in the country. They loved the In memorium section and want us to help with a national "who's who of chess" in the country. They liked our history and pgn sections as well.

Here is what we accomplished and discussed tonight:

1. Postpone any membership changes with NWC. 2. Idaho Closed will be postponed for 6 months. 3. Annual meeting will continue via Zoom when scheduled. Voting to be conducted online using Google Forms. 4. Officers will be voted on at that meeting. January 1 is the deadline for candidacy declarations. 5. Special Scholastic Committee will be appointed to determine future course, dates, formats of scholastic season. Consensus reached that tournaments will take place online at 6. Online tournaments will be continued after over the board tournaments resume and Pandemic is over.

7. Friends and family are providing an additional $1000 for the 2021 Norman Friedman Memorial Chess Tournament.

8. More online tournaments: Dec. 16 Christmas Blitz, Dec. 21 Winter's Solstice, Jan. 2 New Year's tournament.

More news forthcoming!

Please contact us if you have any ideas, would like to participate, or contribute to chess in Idaho in any way!

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