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James Wei is Victorious at the Turkey Shoot

Idaho Chess Association hosted another US Chess rated event on Saturday, November 21. This was the first in our “Turkey Series”. The second and final turkey tournament will be held the day before Thanksgiving. There were 19 players from four states. It was really nice to see that there were three females among the players: Emma, Karen and Jo. We hope to see you all again on Wednesday!

Congratulations to James Wei for winning first place with 3.5 points! Second place was a mess. Three players tied with three points: Adam Porth, Josh Price and Kaustubh Kodihalli. uses only Sonneborn–Berger as a tie break method. Perhaps someone out there could figure out the results if the usual tie breaks ICA uses for OTB were used (Solkoff, Median, Cumulative of Opposition, Modified Median).

Remember that the Turkey Trot will be held on Wednesday, November 25 at 6pm. It will be a seven round 5+3 blitz battle. HAPPY THANKSGIVING if I don’t get a chance to talk to you all before!

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