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Holiday Leftover Results

The Leftovers saw a couple of ICA firsts. This was the first time we divided an online tournament into two sections: under 1500 and 1500&over. I felt the pairings were much more even in my section and I had a more enjoyable tournament experience as a result (if chess can actually be considered "enjoyable"). We also tried a new format - five rounds of 15+5. I'd love to hear players' feedback. From my selfish perspective, I thought the tournament was a success and look forward to doing more of the same.

Forrest ran away with first place in the 1500+ section with four wins. Jeremy and Leo came in second and third with 2.5 wins. Note that truncated the tournament at four rounds. I'm hypothesizing that this was due to the number of participants. A few players were disappointed about this. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.

The U1500 section saw clean first, second and third places. Darren clinched first with 4.5 wins. Hanford got second with four points. And Nobel scored 3.5 for third.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Please look below for the gruesome details...

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