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Gem State Chess Online Tournaments

Our local club, Gem State Chess, has been running Saturday tournaments on Lichess since April. We've tried a few different formats over the months but have pretty much settled on the sedate "Saturday Swiss", G/10+10 at 2pm followed by the much more intense "Spud Town Smack Down" G/5 arena-style with Berserk etc at 5:15pm. We only allow Idaho chess players in the club so our tournaments really have a friendly vibe with tons chat. Gem State Chess attracts ICA players, Boise Club players, Nampa club players and an assortment of other locals.

Here are last Saturday's results...

Congratulations to the chess-playing brothers James and Luke Wei for their first and third place performance. Jeremy Fugal earned second place.

Congratulations, again, to James & Jeremy for first and second place, and to Chris Herrera for snagging third.

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