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Agenda for Annual Business Meeting Released

Updated 2/2/2019

Agenda for the

Annual Business Meeting of the Idaho Chess Association

February 17, 2019

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Hampton Inn, 1658 Fillmore Street, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Voting members attending meeting:

Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Adam Porth, Idaho Chess Association (ICA) President, called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.

Reading of Mission and Values: The mission of the Idaho Chess Association is to provide organized chess play, coordinate chess activities within the state, support and develop local chess clubs, encourage player development, and to enhance appreciation of chess. The Idaho Chess Association values fair play and good sportsmanship, education through sharing and teaching, chess players with diverse abilities and skills, creating a variety of chess activities and opportunities, decisions using sound logic and forethought, and continued growth and learning through chess.

Approval of Minutes

Motion 2019-1 (Adam Porth and Alise Pemsler): We approve the minutes of 2018.


Presidents Report: Adam Porth

  • 501c3 status!!! with Alise Pemsler and Amber Myrick

  • Won national award for membership increase.

  • Alpha Rocky Mountain Rating Program - Desmond Porth

  • 28 Events (693 players 2018, 419 (21) players in 2017)

  • 8 Scholastic Events (players 470)

  • Tournament size is relatively stable (2 significant increases where tournament doubled in size - SIO and NFM)

  • Added Senior, Ladies, NIO, NRST, Solstice in the North, Friday Blitz tournaments, Pawn Storm and 3 free tournaments

  • Online payments (Eventbrite)

  • 74 + players qualified for State - 3.0 points or more, 12th graders, 1-3rd place in Scholastic Events, attended 2 regular tournaments, or Idaho Closed)

  • Secretary position proved to be a huge asset (sending thank yous, meetings, etc.)

  • Mission realized

  • Donated 5 Boards to veterans and 15 boards to scholastic players

  • Helped 3 chess clubs get organized and supported (Boise Family Chess Program)

  • Improved Tournament Calendar and Club Calendar

  • Scholarshipped more than 20 people with free tournament entry and/or ICA Membership.

  • Maintained presence at Snake River Penitentiary (25 players benefited from tournament last January, donated magazines and dvds)

  • Discussion: We are looking for a new representative to run the chess program at Snake River Penitentiary.

  • Assets added:

  • 4 changeable signs

  • 4 clear plastic sign holders

  • SwissSys Pairing Program

  • DGT Clock

  • DGT ChessBoard

  • Developing relationships the Riverside Hotel (Boise), Holiday Inn Express/Hampton Inn (Twin Falls), Ceour d’Alene Chess Club, Inland Chess Academy (Spokane), Discount Mugs.

I want to honor those that worked hard and admire the diversity of winners:

  • Idaho Representatives:

  • Barber: Kevin Xu,

  • SP: Dylan Porth,

  • Girl’s: Dylan Porth,

  • Denker: Michael Duan

  • Senior: Michael Presutti

  • State Champion: Alex Machin

  • State Scholastic Champion: Forrest Zeng

  • Open Champion: Michael Abron

  • State Blitz Champion: Kevin Xu

  • EIO Josep Companyo and William Aepli

  • SIO Cody Gorman and Josep Companyo

  • Norman Friedman Memorial Josep Companyo

  • WIO Alex Machin

  • NIO Kenneth Erickson

  • Player’s Memorial Chris Pentico

  • Summer Classic DeWayne Derryberry

  • Hall of Fame Zachary Fritchen

  • Senior Open Hans Morrow

  • Woman’s Champion Ellen Baumann

  • 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees: David Lucky (anyone have his address??)

Fee Structure Report: Adam Porth

All tournaments $30 (discount for pre-registration) and scholastic tournaments $15 (discount for pre-registration)

ICA Membership for all $15.00/year (no magazine, titled tournaments only)

  • All tournaments except (Blitz, Closed, and Open).

  • Drops to $10.00/year in 2020.

Membership Report: Adam Porth

  • Membership is currently 105, but at one point had a record 145 members.

  • Membership is stable but expected to go down as folks won’t need membership to play.

Treasurer's Report: Jay Simonson

Old Business: Adam Porth

Introduce Regional Championship via online

Never addressed

501c3 status obtained in December

Substantiation Letters

Tax-exempt status

List of donors and sponsors kept by Treasurer

Form 990-EZ

Lawyer support: Amber Myrick

New Business:

Constitutional Motion 2019-1 (Barry Eacker): All annual memberships expire on Friday before the Idaho Closed and must be renewed before allowed to play in the current year. (replaces All annual memberships shall expire on the last day of the month one year from the date the membership was paid. Article II, Section 1).



Constitutional Motion 2019-2 (Adam Porth): President must submit a budget for upcoming year for Board approval at Annual Business Meeting. If budget not approved by majority of the Board then must be re-submitted to Board each month until acceptable by majority of Board.



Tournament Discussions:

  • Location of 2019

  • Summer Classic

  • Player’s Memorial

  • Hall of Fame

  • Location of 2020

  • Idaho Closed

  • Idaho Open

  • State Scholastic K-8

  • State Scholastic 9-12

  • Women’s and Girls State Tournament

  • Senior Tournament

  • Scholastic Team Tournament

  • Blitz Championship

  • Prizes for $ tournaments changed to Top 3, Class B, C, D, E, F, UNR

US Chess Delegate nominations (need two):

Constitutional Changes accepted by Board Approval Method on 1/13/2019 with 5 Yes, 1 Abstentions

  • Quorum and Meetings

  • Stream-lined Bylaws and Constitution

  • Grammar policed by Jay

  • Official publication was edited out

  • VP and Treasurer duties added


Motion 2019-3 (Adam Porth and Jay Simonson): The current Regional Trustees (North - Adam Porth, East - Jay Simonson, South Central - Barry Eacker, West - Jeff Roland) should be confirmed until next election cycle in 2020 for Regional Trustees.


Announced Candidates for 2019 Election (next cycle is 2021):

  • President Adam Porth

  • Vice President (none)

  • Secretary Alise Pemsler

  • Treasurer Jay Simonson

Staff Needed

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Games editors

  • Educational Coordinator

Goals for 2019

  • Program to calculate Rocky Mountain Rating

  • Solicit donors and sponsors for tournaments

  • Enhance scholastic and school outreach in each region

  • Solicit more participation in organization and tournaments

  • Find pgn player that can be used with our website

  • Investigate incidentals and overhead.

  • Compile items need accomplished yearly

  • Obtain ICA membership perks

Motions from the Floor:


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