Happy Holidays from the ICA!

If you would like an end-of the year donation to a 501c(3) organization that seeks to spread the wealth of chess throughout Idaho, consider a donation to the Idaho Chess Association. All donations over $50 will receive an ICA Coffee Mug. Happy Holidays (and play chess!).

Become a supporter of chess in Idaho with a tax-deductible donation to our member-supoported 501c(3) organization,

Your donation will:

  • be used to provide chess equipment,

  • bring chess to public schools,

  • support development of local chess clubs,

  • enhance tournament prize funds,

  • provide scholarship for individuals for tournaments and membership,

  • support Idaho representation at National events and Delegate Assembly,

  • encourage special events and lectures,

  • allow for chess in more Idaho communities,

  • and much more!

Donate Here


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