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Welcome to new and re-newing members:

  • Meryl Rickey

  • Rowan Belew

  • Vedant Ranganathan

  • Matthew Thompson

  • Joseph Thompson

  • Adrian Daigle

  • Otto Olson

  • Lleyton Davis

  • Louis Felice

  • Landon Purser

  • Jef Leifeste


  • Russell Quan

  • William Wang

  • Justin HE

  • Janos Fucsko

  • George Daghir

  • Gabriel Daghir

  • Gaby Dagher

  • Caleb Kircher

  • Hank Harris

  • Michael Henderson

Memberships are updated around the 1st of the month. So be patient . . .you won't receive your Northwest Chess Magazine until the next month if you just registered with the ICA.

We are lacking a membership coordinator at the ICA and would love to get one. Please volunteer today by contacting us. Thanks.

Northwest Chess is the award-winning monthly magazine sharing games and stories from players located in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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