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First Regional Qualifier Announced

Scholastic chess is underway in many schools and this weekend kicks off WISCL and chess in the Magic Valley with tournaments. Scholastic chess is popular and very competitive with abilities and skills ever increasing and pushing the adults in various chess clubs to improve their games.

Scholastic players are vying for positions and berths into the State Scholastic Invitational Championships held in the spring during their seasons. The State tournaments will be held on March 2 at Jerome High School for both the Barber Qualifier (K-8th grade Championships) and the Denker Qualifier (9-12th grade Championships). In order to qualify for those tournaments, players must place 1st - 3rd place for their grade or score 3.0 points or higher in one of 4 regional chess tournaments. All 12th graders are allowed to play in the State tournaments, however.

The South Central Regional Chess Tournament will be held on Dec. 15 at South Hills Middle School in Twin Falls and all students that want to qualify early should attend this tournament. Other regions will be hosting tournaments in January and February:

  • North and East Regionals January 12

  • West Regional January 26

Some have already qualified: See Here

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