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2018 Player's Memorial

Mountain Home is the host of the Player's Memorial and three Mountain Home players desired to be the headliners of this four-round, one-day, G/30 tournament. Boise, Hailey, and Pocatello also fielded a number of players to bring a total of 20 players. Chris Pentico, John Glen, and Nathaneal Winchell of Mountain Home played in earnest to achieve the top board for the final. In the end, Pentico scored a successful win against Gary Hollingsworth, Pocatello in the final round to secure the Mountain Home win and a perfect 4.0 score. Chris sneered that the day was "not that hard" but he wanted to explore the Catalan opening more in the coming weeks.

The tournament began with a moment of silent contemplation of player's past and then people were invited to provide names of folks they wanted to remember. Adam Porth offered up Norman Friedman, Dan Mayers, and Dexter Gannon (players from the Sun Valley area). Mike Persutti named legendary master and friend, Michael Valvo. He assisted Fritz team that first beat Grandmaster and world champion.

Mike also donated the prize board that he won to the 2nd place scholastic player, Alyssa Montano (shot glass chess donated by Adam Porth). We gave away a tournament board, that first place Chris Pentico chose, a 4th of July board (donated by Duane Sorenson) that 2nd place Gary Hollingsworth chose, and a magnetic chess travel set (donated by Alise Pemsler) was won by the top scholastic player, Bryce Leifeste.



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