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  • Adam Porth

Member Appreciation

After winning the special award, I thought it would be a nice idea to also share an email from an ICA supporter. Please show your support by joining our fabulous group which brings chess to the entire state!

My son Luke and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks. Luke has a real affinity for chess and joined the school's Chess club this year. He's generally very introverted and shy, so it was a big step for him - it's the first extra-curricular he's ever participated in. Since joining the club, Luke's constantly been on the hunt for helpful chess pages/websites to try. He came across your page and it has been so helpful to him we wanted to reach out and thank you. I haven't ever seen him so invested in or excited about something - his grandma got him a new chess set for his birthday and it's safe to say that was his favorite gift this year. When I told Luke I was going to email you & thank you, he suggested(insisted) I let you know about another helpful Chess guide he found online at . He thought it would be a good addition to the chess resources on your page. I know its been helpful to Luke, so hopefully you find some use for it too. Thanks again!:

Thank you for your nice letter, this certainly helps an organization that is dependent on volunteers that look for creative ways to bring chess to the world.

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