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  • Adam Porth

Friday Night Blitz in Twin Falls

It was loud, it was fast, it was caffeinated. It was game night at Twin Beans in Twin Falls. The Idaho Chess Union hosted a Friday Night Blitz where 21 players gathered and played G/5; d0 amongst other folks playing Magic, Spender, and other card games.

Twin Beans, located in old downtown was an nice venue where players could eat specialty crepes and coffee drinks throughout the evening. Barry Eacker was chief TD and was thrilled to be running an event which attracted scholastic, regular, and senior players.

After 4 hours of play, it was all Pocatello players at the top with Dib-Dab- Do DeWayne Derryberry winning 1st place and Nobel Ang winning 2nd place. Both earned Endgame books. This was very impromptu and very fun. We would like to encourage clubs to host events such as this to offer more chess opportunities.

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