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Another Belated, but important article!

The Southern Idaho Open was missing an important face and organizer - Barry Eacker. Barry typically TDs the event which has a 12-year history and draws players from near and far. Despite this, the SIO, as it is known, attracted twenty-three players. The ICA has standardized all of the opens this year such that all events (EIO, SIO, WIO, NIO) all are true opens with no other sections, one-day event with class prizes, 4SS G/60d5, and held in Autumn. The format seems to be welcomed by many as two-day events can be costly for chess players. The tournament includes 4 rounds that offer each opponent an hour with 5 second delay.

The tournament paid out 75% (i.e., it was based on 30 participants). Cody Gorman won 1st place and $75 handedly with a perfect 4.0! There was a five-way tie for 2nd/3rd place: Gaby Dagher, John Glenn, Janos Fucsko, DeWayne Derryberry, and Samir Saltaga, each with 3.0 points. Those guys were able to buy a sandwich after splitting the money up!

The Southern Idaho Open is also the Veteran’s Day tournament and two Vets participated in this year’s tournament: Fred Bartell and Kevin Patterson. A heartfelt thank you was elicited as each player was honored and provided a red, (white), or blue chess board. They also played with an American Flag gracing their table. It proved to be a special day for our chess playing friends.

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”

- Cynthia Ozick

Pictured: Fred Bartell (top) and Kevin Patterson (bottom)

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