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Hall of Fame Induction Results

Hans Morrow, Barry Eacker, and Jeff Roland are honored at the Idaho Chess Hall of Fame Induction.

The Idaho Chess Hall of Fame tournament was a chance to honor the ICA's history and the individuals that have made it great. Inductees were honored and will live in infamy on a perpetual plaque created for the Hall of Fame. They also received a plaque commemorating their induction. Only 3 inductees were present, however 14 were honored. Barry Eacker, Hank Harris, Adam Porth, Jeff Roland, and Hans Morrow all shared stories and anecdotes which demonstrated the Hall-of-Famers commitment to Idaho chess. The induction took place at Perkins restaurant in Twin Falls.

Hall of Fame Inductees:

C.H. Stewart

  • First ICA champion and two time ICA champion

Richard Vandenburg

  • Expert, Six time ICA champion, ICA President, USCF TD, lifetime scholastic chess developmental contributor, original ICA organizer, ICA newsletter editor, Idaho Open champion, 2 time Western Idaho Open champion

Glen Buckendorf

  • Expert, 10 time ICA champion, USCF voting rep for Idaho many years. lifetime ICA supporter, original ICA organizer, Idaho Open champion 2 time Southern Idaho Open champion

Larry Parsons

  • Expert, 18 time ICA champion, 2 time Idaho Open champion, 2 time Western Idaho Open champion

Stewart Sutton

  • Expert, 4 time ICA champion, Boise Chess Club president & editor, USCF TD, ICA president and other offices, chess organizer many years, ICA newsletter editor Idaho Open champion, Southern Idaho Open champion

Mel Schubert

  • ICA champion, original Twin Falls Chess Club organizer, original ICA organizer, USCF TD

Joe Kennedy

  • Master, 3 time ICA champion, 2 time Idaho Open champion

Hans Morrow

  • Expert, ICA champion, 4 time Idaho Open champion, Eastern Idaho Open champion, Southern Idaho Open champion

Jeffrey T. Roland

  • He has been involved with the ICA for 37 years! He has occupied every Board position, supported chess tournaments, Northwest Chess Editor, ICA Historian, USCF TD, tutored, coached and mentored many chess players, organizer of Boise Chess Club, and can be counted on to get the job done! He knew most of the individuals on this list. "Jeff has dedicated years to adult and scholastic chess awareness, tournament and helped countless other TDs and players grow in the game." - Chip Ruberry

Roger Ottersback

  • "Roger, who had a degenerative disease (MS I believe) started a chess club in Idaho Falls and called it the Noble Knights in or about 2002. This was a informal club. He didn't want any dues so that any of the kids could good play. He was himself a member the USCF and may have been a member of the Idaho Chess Federation. He tried hard to interest kids in chess. He held classes to teach them chess. After the local restaurant closed (where the club was meeting) , Roger contacted Barnes@Noble and was allowed to hold the chess club playing there. He added Saturday to the usual Tuesday night gatherings. His was there both days even when he was in a wheel chair until he needed to go into an assisted living facility. From the assisted leaving facility he would play chess with whom ever would come to play. He also encouraged and taught chess to the current residences util he passed away." - John Eisenmenger

Norman Friedman

  • Manhattan Chess Club Vice President, founder of the Right Move, supporter and donor to scholastic chess, ran Wood River Chess Club, represented US in Senior Tournament with Russia.

Barry Eacker

  • Organized ICA Constituion, involved in Idaho History Project, provides support for tournaments, clubs, and idividuals, USCF TD, ICA Board Member, runs Idaho Chess Union and Magic Valley Chess Club.

Tom Booth

  • Volunteer for nearly a decade organizing Prison Chess at Snake River Correctional Facility

T.C. Hartwell

  • played Bobby Fischer and was instrumental in organizing ICA Tournaments. USCF TD.

Twenty-nine players showed up to honor the "fabulous 14" - to hear and share stories, and to play. The tournament included a 4 round, G/45 d5 tournament. The Holiday Inn Express in Twin Falls sponsored the event. Players came from as far away as Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. The winner was Jacob Nathan with a perfect 4.0/4 points.

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