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2017 Idaho Closed Results

David Lucky repeats for a third time and ends the 2017 Idaho Closed Championship with 18 straight wins over the 3 years that Mr. Lucky has played in the event! The event drew 33 players, mostly from southern Idaho and a wide range of ages from 5 graders up to 83 years of age, from Idaho Falls to Meridian.

The top three players in the state were:

  • 1st Place David Lucky

  • 2nd Place Desmond Porth

  • 3rd Place James Inman

Top Senior Bill Arnold

Top Woman Dylan Porth

Top Junior Jacob Nathan

Class A

  • 1st Place Cody Gorman

Class B

  • 1st Place DeWayne Derryberry

  • 2nd Place Jeff Roland

Class C

  • 1st Place Wesley Nyblade

  • 2nd Place Jeffrey Hall

Class D

  • 1st Place Adam Porth

  • 2nd Place Kevin Patterson

Class E and Below

  • 1st Place Levi Catangcatang

  • 2nd Place River Shepard

Glen Buckendorf & Dan Mayers books

  • Kevin Xu

  • Alex Machin

  • Tom Booth

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