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What are the Benefits of Joining the ICA?  You...
  • become member of the premiere chess organization in the state.
  • bring chess to all parts of Idaho.
  • support chess in schools.
  • receive Northwest Chess.
  • receive news updates.
  • provided access to historical chess databases.
  • support tournaments.
  • . . .and much more!
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“Idaho Chess Association holds many quality chess tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions,  and other chess related events.  Their tournaments are  run professionally,  while at the same time keeping everything friendly, and enjoyable for everyone.  If you are a serious chess players living in Idaho, then you should join ICA!”


- David Lucky,

current Idaho State Champion

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"I failed to make the chess team because of my height."
-Woody Allen

Adult: $25/year or $65 for 3 years

  • Receive Northwest Chess via periodicals mail each month.


Junior: $19/year or $45 for 3 years

  • Receive Northwest Chess each month. Must be under age 21 at time of expiration. 


Family: $5/year or $12 for 3 years

  • Co-residents of an Adult or Junior member. Expires at the same time. If first member is a junior, additional family member(s) must also be juniors.  No periodical.


Tournament Membership:  $10.00/3 months

  • 3 months of periodical.

ICA Affiliate Membership:  $15.00/year

  • Webpage provided.

Idaho Chess Association

Idaho Chess Association

1873 E. Bruce

Hayden, Idaho, 83835

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Last updated:  10/22/2019

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Idaho Chess Association is an IRS 501(c)(3) section non-profit charity organization.  All donations are tax-exempt and are used  to fulfill ICA Mission and Visions.

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